Heal Your Gut in 30 Days by Christine Garvin

Heal Your Gut in 30 Days

Does your stomach hurt most of the time? Do you deal with consistent gas and bloating? Are you facing a diagnosis such as IBS, Candida Overgrowth, SIBO, Celiac, or an autoimmune disorder? Are your hormones out of whack?

All of these issues lead back to one place: your gut. Called the body's "second brain", our gut oversees more of our health - not only physical, but mental and emotional - than we previously understood. In order to heal fatigue, allergies, and emotional issues that haven't been cured with other approaches, we must fix our gut. 

In this introductory program, you'll learn the holistic approach to healing your gut in 30 days, including:
  • What foods to eliminate, and which ones to focus on
  • Underlying causes of your gut issues that you may not know about 
  • Which supplements to take to heal your gut the quickest
  • Candida overgrowth protocol
  • Best exercise practices for gut health
  • How breath work and yoga do the heavy lifting, and which techniques and poses are best for your digestion
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) magic with a bonus guided video that focuses specifically on healing your gut
In addition, you receive the special "Belly Cure Protocol" booklet, which gives you a specific breakdown of fats, protein, vegetables, fruit, and condiments to include in your diet, plus other bonuses all geared towards your body feeling the best it ever has!

You CAN feel better, and changes can happen quickly. Not only are you improving your gut to feel better now, you are also investing in your health for the rest of your life!
Hi there! Welcome to Heal Your Gut in 30 Days. 

Over the years, I've learned in both my health coaching practice and in my personal health journey that our gut is at the root of our entire health. 

Healing your gut helps in healing all the other parts of your body, including your thyroid, adrenals, hormones, mental and emotional issues. 

I invite you on this journey to heal your gut so that you have the energy to do whatever it is you love in life!


“I cannot even begin to tell you how much gratitude I have this program. I see myself (and my life) changing right before my eyes!” 

Andrea C.
"I learned about nutrition and what foods I need to feel my best, which supplements are best for my body type, and how my emotional/mental health plays a part in my overall health." 
Sarah B.

What's included?

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Intro to Heal Your Gut.mp4
6 mins
Module 1: Food
Heal Your Gut: Food video presentation
19 mins
Food printout
629 KB
Candida quiz
104 KB
SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) quiz
105 KB
Prebiotics and Probiotics handout
1.41 MB
Weekly Meal Planner
15.1 KB
Module 2: Supplements
Heal Your Gut: Supplements presentation
16 mins
Supplements printout
528 KB
Candida Overgrowth Elimination Protocol
16.9 MB
Quick guide for Candida and SIBO supplements
1.45 MB
Quick guide for supplements that help heal your gut
1.35 MB
Module 3: Exercise and Enemas
Heal Your Gut: Exercise video presentation
16 mins
Exercise printout
641 KB
Enema Safety Protocol
277 KB
Specific exercises for your gut
1.96 MB
Coffee enema instructions
1.46 MB
Module 4: Breathwork and Yoga
Breathwork and yoga video lesson
8 mins
Breathwork and yoga printout
566 KB
Breathwork easy guide
468 KB
Yoga poses easy guide 1
1.81 MB
Yoga poses easy guide 2
1.65 MB
Guided yoga practice
5 mins
Module 5: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
EFT video lesson
16 mins
EFT printout
20.1 MB
EFT Gut Health guided video
9 mins
How to do EFT 1.png
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How to do EFT 2.png
1.87 MB
Belly Cure Protocol
19.1 MB
Nutrition Typing Test
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Additional resources
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Christine Garvin, MA, NE, is a Whole Health Coach. After almost dying from a fibroid-surgery-gone-wrong, she became passionate about teaching women how to heal their gut and balance their hormones. She holds a Masters in Holistic Health Education and a certification in Nutrition Education, and is currently enrolled in Nicole Jardim's Fix Your Period Apprenticeship.  Christine has worked for Clif Bar and Renaissance Club Sport, along with maintaining a thriving private client practice.


What comes with my purchase?

You will receive five modules in all - plus a bonus section! Each module will arrive in your inbox two days after the previous one in order to give you some time to work through the previous module for moving on. This still gives you plenty of time to get your gut healed in 30 days!

Will you keep adding to the course?

Yep! You'll have access to all updates we add in the future. 

Will you provide ongoing support and advice?

Due to HIPAA laws, we are unable to answer any personal health questions that arise from this course. If you are looking for individual health coaching in order to continue your healing path, please contact christinegarvin@christinegarvin.com.

Do you provide refunds?

Due to the low cost of the course, we are unfortunately not able to provide refunds at this time. But if you work the program, it will work for you!