Sensual Magic for Women 35-50 by Christine Garvin

Sensual Magic for Women 35-50

Hello, beautiful!

Have you been missing out on accessing your life force? Are you ready to dive deep into your essence? 

This holistic program invites you to step into the power you have as a woman between the ages of 35 and 50. Though society may say you are on the downswing of your sexual life, learn the secrets of what many women have realized: you are in your prime, and it's time to harness that magic to get everything you want in your life!

In this program, you will learn how to:

1. Embrace Your Sexuality Fully

2. Eat Right for Your Body

3. Love the Skin You Are In

4. Work With Your Energetic Body

5. The Importance of Moving Your Sensual Body

With dynamic presentations, easy exercises you can do at home to build your confidence and power, video tips and tricks, rituals, and other recommended resources, this course is the perfect "starter" to ignite mastery of self-love and manifestation of all you desire in life.

Also included:

*Powerful EFT videos to work with body image issues and tapping into your sensual self

*Body-loving Snake Ritual

*What foods you should and shouldn't be eating

*Secret supplement regimen to dynamically support your hormones, thyroid, and adrenals

*How to transmute sexual energy into increased work or creative power

What's included?

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Introduction to Sensual Magic
Intro to Sensual Magic
6 mins
Welcome! (via the written word)
1.32 MB
Find your special safe place.mp3
7 mins
Journal Pages.pdf
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Module 1: Embrace Your Sexuality Fully
Embrace Your Sexuality Fully.pdf
2.59 MB
Embrace Ritual.mp3
5 mins
Embrace Ritual.pdf
6.13 MB
Exercises to Embrace Your Sexuality.pdf
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Module 2: Eat Right For Your Body
Eat Right For Your Body.pdf
3.07 MB
Happy Hormones worksheet.pdf
10.5 MB
Food and Feels Journal.pdf
22 KB
Exercises to Eat Right For Your Body.pdf
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Module 3: Love The Skin You're In
Love the Skin You're In.pdf
11.7 MB
EFT Body Love.mp4
12 mins
Exercise - Self Love Tricks of the Trade.pdf
38.5 KB
BONUS! Loving Your Body As It Is - Interview with Heidi Anderson, MS, LPC, CEDS.mp3
46 mins
Module 4: Work On Your Energetic Body
Work On Your Energetic Body.pdf
3.55 MB
EFT Getting into a sensual place.mp4
11 mins
Exercises to Work Your Energetic Body.pdf
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Module 5: Move Your Sensual Body
Move Your Sensual Body.pdf
6.09 MB
Exercises for Moving Your Sensual Body.pdf
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Snake Ritual.mp4
4 mins
Celebrate Yourself!
Celebrate Your Incredible Self!.pdf
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Christine Garvin, MA, NE, is a Whole Health Coach. After almost dying from a fibroid-surgery-gone-wrong, she became passionate about teaching women how to heal their gut and balance their hormones. She holds a Masters in Holistic Health Education and a certification in Nutrition Education, and is currently enrolled in Nicole Jardim's Fix Your Period Apprenticeship.  Christine has worked for Clif Bar and Renaissance Club Sport, along with maintaining a thriving private client practice.